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"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring Lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour."

- 1 Peter 5:8










































                          First ‘global warming’, then ‘climate change’, now ‘global scamming’

        By Richard Corbeil The Apopka Chief – Founded in 1923
        SEPTEMBER 26 – Columnist note: Last Sunday was “Global Moron Day” in New York City and 166 countries worldwide, as the blind led the dumb for the crooks’ sake to kick off the U.N. special conference on global warming on Tuesday, now labeled “climate change”. The “change” was made to accommodate the complete lack of any warming for the last 16 years, with many signs of cooling. The New York parade of some 310,000 zombies was led by U.N. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon, al-Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Obama was busy keeping ISIS from being totally destroyed. Here is a column I wrote, shortly after the Kyoto Treaty, making al-Gore a $billionaire, was signed in 1997. The headline was, “Global warming brings snow in Guadalajara”.
DECEMBER 19, 1997 -- The U.S. Senate votes 95-0 in advance of a proposed treaty, “resolving to reject it if it contains certain terms”, and the Clinton gang goes ahead and signs it anyway, telling the U.S. Senate to stick it.
If ever there were two candidates for “Traitor of the Year” it’s “El Supremo Willie” and Al “Gashouse” Gore, who defied virtually every major constituency (labor, business and farming) and signed the anti- U.S. Global Warming Treaty in Kyoto, Japan last week.
        Fortunately, our nation’s founders can still reach out from their graves with what is left of the Constitution, requiring a two-thirds vote of this same Senate to approve this instrument of economic destruction. Of course, “El Supremo” and his fellow conspirators are trying to circumvent the Constitution and delay the required submission of this travesty for a Senate vote until after next year’s mid-term elections.
        If Senate Leader Trent Lott doesn’t call for a vote on this unconditional surrender to the U.N. as soon as Congress returns from recess in January, he can take his place next to Tokyo Rose in American history,
        Basically, Senate Resolution 98, which passed, 95-0, instructed the president not to sign any global warming treaty in which every other nation in the world was not equally committed. At Kyoto, the double agents representing the U.S. signed a treaty excluding 134 developing nations, with China, India and Mexico among them … all three of which are leading air polluters.
        Without a shred of proven scientific evidence, Clinton OK’d the overthrow of U.S. sovereignty and the sublimation of our economy and living standards to the benefit of foreign governments. Worst hit in this rush to ignorant judgment will be the lower income families and minority-owned businesses, as expressed by Harry Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, a trade association of 52,000 black-owned businesses.
        Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, has written that this treaty may worsen the already dire strait of human health in developing countries.
        Now, what does God have to say about all this global warming? Well, on Saturday, December 13, it snowed in Mexico as far south as Guadalajara for the first time since 1881 (116 years). Moscow, Russia is having the coldest December in 115 years, with pre-winter readings at minus 18 degrees F and dropping.
        Last weekend, Alabama and Mississippi had up to 10 inches of snow. Here in the Sunshine State, the citrus line which used to be in north Florida, now is in Southern Central Florida, over 100 miles south of the line in the early part of this century.
        Three weeks after summer ended, Denver and the plains states had the worst snowstorm of any season in 30 years. If the world demands more proof from Him, that we are being led by thieves and fools, he will continue to oblige.
        And, according to Dean Kleckner, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, it is estimated that production cost jumps from global warming regulations and other increased costs to those along the food chain, will drive up consumer prices by nearly three percent each year, doubling the recent inflation trend.
        “That increase,” he stated in a recent release, “is expected to hurt most of the U.S households that make less than $20,000 a year.” This is one-third of all households.
        That group obviously does not include Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) who was one of the mischief makers in Kyoto and who has insulated himself from most financial concerns by marrying the widow of Sen. John Heinz and the Heinz $zillions.
        Appearing on Face the Nation, John “Heinz 57” Kerry smirked, laughed and poo-pooed the dire consequences of the Kyoto Treaty, while recommending, out of the other side of his mouth, that it not be submitted to the Senate until after next year’s elections.
        Kerry, of course, no longer has to buy his own gasoline, heating fuel, or “ketchup”!
        In his open letter to “El Supremo”, Black Chamber President Alford ended with the plea, “Mr. President, deal us a good hand in Kyoto.”
        Tragically and traitorously, he dealt us aces and eights, the poker hand Wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was shot in the back of the head.
        This time, it was a Samurai sword between Alford’s and our shoulder blades.
“Behold, he withholdeth the waters and they dry up; also he sendeth them out, and they overturn the earth.”Job12:15 
Note 2: When the “Coyote Treaty” was signed, gasoline was selling for 75 cents a gallon. It was $1.75 per gallon on Obama’s first Inauguration Day. I won’t even mention groceries




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