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"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring Lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour."

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                               For next president and intellects, black is my favorite color

        By Richard Corbeil The Apopka Chief – Founded in 1923
        JULY 4 – It never ceases to amaze me how liberals can ignore reams of evidence to bring implications and accusations against conservatives. Typical was a letter to the editor last week with such an “implication” that my critical stands on the president were based on his race.
        Apparently, of the some 1,300 plus columns I have written over the last 25 years, the ones written on the worst president in my 80 years of life are based on race only, and not on his deliberate and confessed plan to “change” America (as in “Hope and Change”). Obama is my 13th president.
        Having lived, worked, studied, flown over 1,500,000 air miles, and driven through every state in the lower 48, except Washington and Oregon, in my previous careers in advertising and marketing, I think I can spot an anti-American presidential sham when I see one. Especially, with having seen this one bowing and kissing the hand of the Saudi Arabian King!
        Obviously, my liberal critic has missed my early endorsement of Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson directly after his appearance as speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast last year, when he hung Obama out to dry and outlined a basic plan to save our nation from bankruptcy and sharia law. Dr. Carson, now retired, was the world’s leading brain surgeon, performing over 500 surgeries a year, three times the average surgeon’s operations, and led a team on the world’s first separation of Siamese twins joined at the top of their heads.
        In fact, just two months ago on May 2, my column asked why the media was hiding one of the best candidates in modern presidential history.
        And, it continues, as evidenced by two very large victories in the last month by Dr. Carson, which not even Fox News has covered.
        The first, in the Texas GOP State Convention straw poll, Dr. Carson, against overwhelming odds, finished second behind Senator Ted Cruz. He successfully defeated Sen. Rand Paul, considered a presidential frontrunner, and Gov. Rick Perry, Texas’ longest serving governor.
        A week prior in New Orleans, at the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC), my initials by the way, the straw poll with 12 names on the ballot, included Cruz, Perry, Allen West, and Rick Santorum, who were all Conference speakers.
        Cruz won 30.33% of the vote for 1st place, but guess who nearly beat him with 29.38% - Dr. Ben Carson. Shockingly, Perry picked up only 4.9%, Santorum 2.37 and West 2.05. Rand Paul was far behind Cruz and Carson’s dead heat at 10.43. Other news media favorites got little support – Jeb Bush 4.42 and Chris Christie 1.11.
        John Phillip Souza IV, who is Chairman of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, said he has no doubt that if Dr. Carson had been present and spoken, he would have had a slam dunk win.
        Returning now to my accuser of racial bigotry, he has obviously missed or forgotten my columns on my dear friend of some 24 years, the Rev. Ben Kinchlow, former co-chair with Pat Robertson on the 700 Club and now head of a worldwide ministry. My critic might enjoy the file of correspondence between us if he promises to vote for Dr. Carson.
        Other “black” scholars, who are outstanding syndicated columnists that I read regularly on a weekly basis and admire greatly, are Dr. Thomas Sowell, Lifetime Fellow at Stamford U., whom I consider to be one of the most brilliant minds in our nation, of which his weekly columns are a perfect reflection.
        This week’s column, headlined, “In Iraq, a bitter aftertaste”, Sowell ends with an assessment of Obama and his key advisers’ record of “having been wrong about Iraq and other foreign policy issues for years, going back before they took office – and no track record of learning from their mistakes.”
        Add to this, Prof. Walter Williams, who heads up the Department of Economics at George Mason University and whose columns are perfect reflections of the conservative philosophy in every aspect of life. Typical is this week’s column, headlined, “Slavery reparations, another hustle”. 
        Another of my favorite syndicated columnist is Larry Elder, who is also a best-selling author and radio-talk-show host. His fans are known as “Elderados”.
        And, I can’t skip Mychal Massie, who wrote in a 2011 column titled, “Nero in the White House”,  “Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been a witness to a congenital liar; a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life; failed policies; intimidation and commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.”
        Recently, Massie wrote, “He has traded on the color of his skin the way prostitutes trade on sexual favors. Because of this, the Obama sucklings, complicit with a pathetic biased media, label all criticisms of Obama as racist.”
        Nuff said. I believe that last paragraph identifies the sources of my critic’s errors.
        But, to return to my hero, Dr. Ben Carson, and the bumper sticker on my car – “Run, Ben, Run”.
        As Chairman Souza expounded, “With a man like that in the White House, all Americans win!”

                “The tongue of the wise turneth away wrath: but the mouth of the fools poureth out foolishness.” Proverbs: 15:2.

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