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"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring Lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour."

- 1 Peter 5:8



















Imagine this world if media reported miracles daily

        By Richard Corbeil The Apopka Chief- Founded in 1923

        FEBRUARY 27 – Columnist note: As technology increases in the world every day, the media, both print and electronic, come up with every conceivable event that has occurred worldwide, from a lost dog that traveled 500 miles to find his home, to a couple who parted ways 30 years ago, only to meet accidentally, fall back in love, and get married.
        What very rarely, if ever, gets reported in the mainstream media are the tens-of-thousands of Divine miracles (no other possible explanations) that occur daily, in response to the prayers of those whose faith is in the true God, their Creator. The following column, written some 18 years ago, was written only after I had personally witnessed and participated in hundreds of miracle healings and answered prayers. Please note that after more than 1400 years, not one miracle has ever been reported or confirmed as attributable to the Muslim religion or their moon god Allah, which just happens to be the name of Mohammed’s earthly father. The column was titled, “God to Earth: Requests received, replies on the way.”

          MAY 30, 1997 – “Once or twice a day, from a random corner of the universe, a beam of tremendous energy blasts towards Earth.”
        Is this a line from a recent “Star Trek” episode? … a statement of dogma from the latest cult? … or a half-hearted scientific acknowledgement that most of the universe is unexplainable without God in the equation?
        In a brief article, the May 26 issue of U.S. News and World Report described how astronomers have been baffled at these daily “bursters” for 25 years, which they say, “take the form of gamma rays, similar to X-rays.”
        Apparently, scientists at the California Institute of Technology “and elsewhere” announced that billions of light years away, halfway to the edge of the known universe, they had caught a burst in the act, as it were, releasing as much energy as a billion-billion suns.
        Summarizing their sci-fi answer to these unimaginable distances and infinite energy releases, subject astronomers believe these once or twice daily occurrences may result from the collision of two neutron stars; the superdense remnants of collapsed stars. Are people getting paid to come up with this stuff on a non-movie script basis?
        Let’s see if I can’t come up with a more believable answer without resorting to the daily collision of two or four neutron stars which always seem to be half-way or more to the edge of the known (to whom?) universe and the release of a billion-billion suns of energy.
        First, there is a Supreme Being who created the known and unknown universe, whose power is as infinite as His love for those who acknowledge Him.
        Secondly, every day, tens, even hundreds, of millions pray to Him, praise Him, worship Him and demonstrate their love for Him in word and action toward the poor, the widowed, the orphaned, the sick, the imprisoned and the lost. Some days, the flow of these outpourings towards Him are heavier than other days.
        Obviously, what these “scientists” are detecting are God’s answers and reactions flowing back to Earth in healed bodies, restored marriages, cured finances, saved sinners and the myriad of supplications brought before Him.
        On some days, the sheer numbers result in a second “burst” of heavenly replies. The immensity of His concern and love can only be measured in terms of a billion-billion suns which the astronomers have unwittingly stumbled upon, but which is common knowledge among those that know and trust Him.
        There now, doesn’t this make a much more sense than a lot of godless speculation. Without the wisdom of God, man will seek answers within the limits of his own experience and usually ends up in disputes, controversy and error.        
        Typically, last year’s proof of the “once upon a time” life on Mars has recently been labeled as false by another scientific team. After subjecting NASA’s “Mars rock” sample to electron microscopy analysis, three scientists in Hawaii have stated that the so-called evidence of life is merely the result of force applied when it ejected from Mars in a cataclysmic event.
        In another area that exposed the gullibility or guile (pick one) of our political leaders, an Associated Press account on May 25, announced that according to Vital Signs 1997, a publication of WorldWatch Institute, the Earth cooled slightly in the past year; this according to satellite recording devices.
        So much for global warming and the tremendous economic costs to humanity from the propagation of “junk science.”
        Over the Holiday, I managed to catch a Vanity Fair contributing editor espousing atheism in a C-Span interview. The neutron star collision would have been right up his dead-end alley as he remarked that it was ridiculous that people would say that they talk to God and then profess to be humble at the same time.
        When God came to Earth as a man for 33 years, the only people He really talked to, or who understood Him, were the humble in heart and spirit. He likes it that way. Even now, as the prideful describe His replies as bursts of gamma rays, His laughter can be heard across the universe.

        “Behold the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the LORD’S thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is.” Deuteronomy 10:14.         




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